Deborah Madison

Deborah Madison

photo by Laurie Smith

I was smitten the first time I tasted Ancient Organics Ghee; it’s that delicious!

Slip as little as a teaspoon (or less) into a bowl of hot cereal and it’s suddenly transformed into something very special. Eggs cooked in ghee are divine.
So is ghee on toast – and this is just breakfast.

I use it all day long, with vegetables, grains, in soups, desserts. I scarcely buy butter anymore. The flavor of this organic ghee is so deep and rich with caramel overtones, that it transforms the simplest things, from a baked potato to a bowl of polenta.

Fingerling Potatoes Browned in Rosemary Infused Ghee by Deborah Madison

This simple dish nicely shows off the distinctive flavor of ghee. The rosemary makes it more of a fall dish, but in spring I make a similar one with the first potatoes, tossed in ghee with spring herbs — chervil, tarragon, chives, parsley.

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about Deborah

Deborah Madison was the founding chef of Greens restaurant in San Francisco and is the author of 11 books on food and cooking. She has also been involved with establishing a school garden in Santa Fe, has managed her local farmers market, and served on many boards, including the Seed Savers Exchange. She lives, writes and gardens in Galisteo, New Mexico.
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